Environmental Litigation

Pearson, Randall & Schumacher P.A. tackles complex environmental litigation on behalf of individuals and families harmed by contaminants as well as on behalf of non-polluting companies attempting to navigate the regulatory scheme.

Environmental law covers a wide variety of topics, but generally refers to unsafe chemicals that have worked their way into air, soil, or ground water. The entity responsible for the pollution has a widespread duty to clean up the unsafe chemicals.

In 2004, Pearson, Randall & Schumacher P.A. first discovered that peroflourocarbons (PFC’s) dumped by 3M in Minnesota landfills leached out of the landfill, contaminating soil, groundwater and Municipal water supplies. PFC’s are a manmade chemical used to make products like Teflon or Scotchguard and are particularly harmful because they are both biopersistent (meaning they do not breakdown in the environment) and biocumulative (meaning that they accumulate in the body for years and do not pass out of the body). Some PFC’s will cross the placenta and invade an unborn child. The infant will then test positive for the harmful chemicals once born. And because of the biocumulative nature of the chemical, it takes years for the infant to be rid of PFC’s.

The PFC contamination was considered so serious that the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) designated large areas of Washington County as a Special Well Construction Area. The contamination level in the area exceeded the MDH established Health Based Values (HBV) for the PFC chemical, which includes values for PFOA; PFOS; and PFBA.

On the other side of the issue, Pearson, Randall & Schumacher P.A. also represents non-polluting companies navigate complicated environmental regulations. Often companies purchase land not knowing that the prior landowner polluted the area. We hold the responsible party accountable for the clean-up, not the present owner.

Although state and federal law regulates unsafe chemicals, it does not go far enough to protect individuals from harmful effects. A gap exists between what is currently being done and what needs to be done to protect public health. Pearson, Randall & Schumacher P.A. fills the gap and takes on the task of investigating and litigating the environmental claim.

At Pearson, Randall & Schumacher P.A. we believe in holding those responsible for contaminating soil and groundwater. If you live in Washington County, Minnesota and are under the Special Well Construction Area or are facing an environmental cleanup that you did not cause, contact our firm for a free consultation with an experienced attorney at 1-800-774-0757.