Class Action And Mass Tort Litigation

The law firm of Pearson, Randall, & Schumacher specializes in class action litigation and mass tort litigation. In a class action lawsuit, we represent large groups of consumers in a single lawsuit who have been injured by corporations who have engaged in negligent or fraudulent behavior. A mass tort involves many separate lawsuits brought by individuals who have been injured by corporations who have engaged in negligent or fraudulent behavior.

Our firm is currently litigating a class action case against the tobacco industry because the tobacco industry used deception in the marketing and sale of light cigarettes in the state of Minnesota. Our firm has been involved with mass tort litigation against the pharmaceutical industry and medical device industry. We have successfully represented a large number of individuals against the manufacturers of defective and dangerous medications including weight loss medications, pain medications, psychiatric medications and other types of medications. We have also represented individuals hurt by medical devices, including heart pacing and defibrillator devices.

Nationally Recognized

Although Pearson, Randall, & Schumacher often represents large numbers of people in statewide and nationwide litigation, our firm is dedicated to responding to the individual needs and concerns of our clients. Clients are encouraged to contact our firm on a regular basis by telephone and/or email or whenever an issue comes up concerning their individual case.

Consumer Protection

Our firm works with other nationally recognized plaintiffs’ firms on large class action and mass tort litigations. This nationwide cooperation allows Pearson, Randall, & Schumacher to keep abreast of the most recent developments in applicable litigation.

Pearson, Randall, & Schumacher is a recognized leader in national litigation. Gale Pearson, a partner in our firm, has served Plaintiffs’ liaison counsel in the Guidant litigation, and was asked by colleagues to serve as Plaintiffs’ liaison counsel in the Medtronic litigation. She has also served on the Discovery Committees in the Fen-Phen weight loss medication litigation and on the Science Committee in the Rezulin pharmaceutical litigation. Partner, Stephen Randall has assisted with discovery in the PPA and Rezulin litigation. Partner, Matthew Schumacher manages our current and ongoing claims in the Vioxx and Fen-Phen litigation.

Examples of Cases

As part of our firm’s class action and mass tort litigation, the firm is actively protecting consumers’ rights. Our firm believes in protecting the individual consumer against powerful corporations who violate state consumer protection laws, sell products that do not perform as promised or injure people because they are poorly made or designed. For example, we currently represent clients who purchased roof shingles that disintegrate prematurely. Our firm believes that corporations should not profit when they make substandard or dangerous products.

Our firm has participated in the following Mass Tort Cases:

  • Fen-Phen
  • Rezulin
  • PPA
  • Propulsid
  • Stadol
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Seroquel
  • Vioxx
  • Medtronic heart device Litigation
  • Guidant heart device Litigation
  • Zyprexa

Pearson, Randall, & Schumacher represents individuals who are injured, either physically or financially, by corporations who fail to do their job. If you have been injured or wish to inquire about our class actions, mass torts litigations, or consumer fraud actions, please contact our firm for a free consultation with an experienced attorney at 612-767-7500 or toll free at 1-800-774-0757.